Founded in 1987, the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin responsibly seeks, manages, and awards charitable gifts with one goal in mind: to enhance the quality of this area for present and future generations.

Whether you wish to contribute funds for the well-being of your community or you have a community need to be addressed, the Community Foundation is ready to assist you with your philanthropic goals.

Our Mission: We exist to enhance the quality of the greater Wausau area.

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Community Enhancement Grant

An $11,500 Community Enhancement Grant from the Community Foundation enabled Colossal Fossils to add a replica of the giant skull of a wooly mammoth, known as the “Hebior Mammoth,” (shown here) to its collection in 2014. The Hebior Mammoth is named after the farmer who owned the land near Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the actual mammoth was discovered.

Colossal Fossils is a nonprofit, traveling natural history exhibit based in Wausau that brings museum-quality replicas into the community. “The Hebior Mammoth is one of the exhibit’s main attractions and the focal point of our educational program,” explained David Daniels, president of Colossal Fossils. Their full collection includes “fossils” ranging from tiny shells, to the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the skeleton of a saber-tooth cat.

The Hebior Mammoth skull is on display in the lobby of the Dudley Tower, 500 First Street, Wausau, during the month of June. Stop in to view and learn more.