Fund Options

Antigo Area Community Foundation

Established at year-end 2006, the Antigo Community Foundation Fund has made a difference in Langlade County. Several sizeable grants awarded in 2007 provided funding for city playground equipment, a radiation center, and restrooms at the tennis courts near the high school. The advisory board named below is making plans to ensure that the Fund continues to serve as a timeless resource for the area.

Funds Serving the Antigo Area

Several funds have been established within the Community Foundation of North Central that directly benefit the Antigo community. Donations are accepted to any of these funds at any time by sending a check to the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin and noting the fund on the memo line. Donors can also make their donations with a credit card by searching our online giving site, choosing the appropriate fund, and following the prompts.

Restricted Funds:

  • Antigo Community Foundation Fund (2006)
  • AVAIL Endowment Fund (2004)

Donor Advised Funds:

  • Braun Woodlands Foundation Fund (2010)
  • John E. & Elsa M. McKenna Fund (1997)

Scholarship Funds:

  • Elizabeth R. Augustyn Conservatory Scholarship Fund (2013)
  • Bradley Foundation Fund (1990)
  • McKenna-Mann Performing Arts Scholarship (1991)

Antigo Area Community Foundation Advisory Board

The Antigo Community Foundation Fund is governed by a volunteer board chosen for their commitment to, and knowledge of, the needs of the community. Members of the board include:

  • Sherri Aulik
  • Mary Ellen Draeger
  • Elsa McKenna
  • John McKenna
  • Matthew Shinners