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Three Lakes Community Funds

Three Lakes Community Funds were established within the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin in November of 2014 with a simple mission: to provide philanthropic avenues for gifting and granting of funds designed to make Three Lakes an even better place to live, vacation, learn, invest, work, and play.

These funds provide an opportunity for all stakeholders - full-time residents, seasonal residents, visitors, vacationers, employers, and employees - to have a voice in making a positive impact on the community.

Restricted Funds Serving the Three Lakes Community

  • Three Lakes Community Fund-Current (2014)
  • Three Lakes Community Endowment Fund (2014)

The Three Lakes Community Funds is comprised of the two funds named above. The Endowment Fund is the permanent community treasury. While the principal may not be withdrawn, up to 5% of the fund's annual earnings may be transferred to the Current Fund to allow for the funding of community projects and programs. The Current Fund's principal and its earnings are available for grants as well as to provide for necessary expenses as determined by the board of directors.

Donations are accepted for either Fund, at any time, in any amount. If you wish to give by credit card, you can simply click these links to reach the online giving portal for the Endowment Fund or the Current Fund.

Donations are also accepted by check made out to the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, with a notation on the memo line regarding which fund you would like your donation directed to. Mail the check to: Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, 500 1st Street, Suite 2600, Wausau, WI 54403. 

Donor Advised Fund Serving the Three Lakes Community

  • Gary & LuAnn Williams Family Fund (2016)

Three Lakes Area Community Funds Board of Directors

Three Lakes Community Funds is governed by a volunteer board of directors chosen for their commitment to, and knowledge of, the needs of the community. The current board includes:

  • Kitty Banner Seemann
  • Amy Baumetz
  • Ann Blamey
  • Rouleen Gartner
  • Denise Kerns
  • John Olkowski
  • Doug Scheffen
  • John Stauner
  • Brad Volkmann
  • Stella Westfall
  • Gary Williams

A visit to will provide more information on the organization and its goals.