Founded in 1987, the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin responsibly seeks, manages, and awards charitable gifts with one goal in mind: to enhance the quality of this area for present and future generations.

Whether you wish to contribute funds for the well-being of your community or you have a community need to be addressed, the Community Foundation is ready to assist you with your philanthropic goals.

Our Mission: We exist to enhance the quality of the greater Wausau area.

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Charity Begins at Home

The greater Wausau area will greatly benefit from a $1 million gift to the Community Foundation, which has established a donor advised fund named the George D. & Estelle B. Wolff Family Fund. “Charity begins at home and Wausau has been our home,” George stated as he turned his donation over to the Foundation. “There are many things going on here in which we have been involved and supported, and many more may need some help over time. I’d like to do that for this community.”

Jean Tehan, executive director of the Community Foundation, states “We have had the privilege of working with many generous donors in our 27 year history who have contributed substantial assets over time that have provided for projects and programs that enrich our community. We are deeply honored that the Wolffs, as well as all of our other donors, have the trust and confidence in us to administer their funds for the benefit of this wonderful community.”

To learn more about establishing a fund within the Community Foundation you can contact Jean Tehan at 715.845.9555.