About Us


A 15-member Board of Directors, chosen for their knowledge of community issues, a proven track record of commitment to community, and their ability to provide a breadth of knowledge to collectively address complex community issues as they arise, governs the Community Foundation.

Dennis M. DeLoye
Vice President

Cari Logemann
Vice President

Maysee Yang Herr

Fred T. Lundin

Peter Gaffaney

William Hsu

Geoffrey Huys

Mary Jo Johnson

Jim Kemerling

Chris Pfender

Amy Plier

Steven Schmidt

Phil Valitchka

Randy P. Verhasselt

Ann Werth
Consultants to the Board  

Thomas A. Mack

Jay M. Wiedenman

Jean C. Tehan

Sue Nelson
Program Officer

Pam Eckmann
Director of Finance

Jenna Graham
Administrative & Marketing Associate