Tax & Estate Planning

Why Give?

When your client gives through the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, they will enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Community involvement: North central Wisconsin holds special places in the hearts of many donors and fund-holders. The Community Foundation provides a unique way to give back to the communities and charities your clients know and love.

Flexible size: Funds range in size from $10,000 to several million. Funds can be added to at any time in any amount. They can even be established with contributions made over a number of years.

Permanence: With an endowed gift to the Community Foundation, your client's fund will benefit their favorite charities and the community many times over. We will make sure their wishes are carried out, forever.

Preferred tax status: The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin is a public charity, providing donors and fund holders with maximum tax savings. Your client can avoid capital gains taxes with gifts of appreciated assets–and qualify for tax deductions based on current market value.

Safe investment: The Foundation's investment portfolios are professionally managed and evaluated for long-term growth in the market. This objective allows for significant grant making while preserving the purchasing power of each fund.

Simplicity: Many fund options are available making it easy to choose the model that works for each individual. A contribution can be made to an existing fund at any time in any amount, or a new fund can be established at any time. A full listing of Fund options is available on the fund options page.